The early Christian basilica of the Holy Trinity (Hagia Triada)

On the hill of Hagia Triada, on the position of ancient Chalkis, there was built a paleo-Christian basilical church of impressive dimensions, covering a surface of 1000 square meters without the annexes. It dates from the 6th century A.D. Furthermore storage rooms, dining room, kitchen, cells and a cemetery have been archaeologically located. A second church of the 10th century was built in the ruins of the cenral aisle of the initial basilica when this became derelict. The size of the complex led sholars to believe that this was an episcopal church serving the needs of a larger geographic area and population.
The well-maintained Byzantine fortification followes the older one of the classical wall of the acropolis of Chalkis. Among the finds of the digs, the hoard of Byzantine coins of the 10th century stands out.

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