The church of Panagia Panaxiotissa
Panagia Panaxiotissa The Byzantine church of the Dormition of Mary (Panagia Panaxiotissa) is situated in a picturesque landscape among olive and pine trees, 2 klms north of the village Gavrolimni (Municipal district of Halkeia); it is located on the old road joining Gavrolimni to Naupaktos next to a khan from the Ottoman period which lent the name to the present-day village Khania Gavrolimnis. The epithet “Panaxiotissa” possibly unique in the Orthodox nomenclature, has been explained as “the one who was deemed worthy of everything” (axios =worthy). The monument is dated by most scholars in the second half of the 10th century.
    The dome Architecture
The church is of the cross-in-square architectural type and belongs to the category of «Helladic transitional churches». Three semi-circular apses protrude on the eastern side and there is a narthex on the west side with three entrances. On the roof is clearly discerned the shape of the cross on the centre of which relies the dome; on the tips of the cross's antennas are formed pediments whereas the corner compartments have a lower roof. The interior of the church is covered with vaults. The church is built with limestone, mortar, rows of bricks (single, double or multiple) whereas a common decorative element are the stripes of indentations made of bricks. The elegant dome, made by really charismatic masons, is built only with bricks and constitutes a superb specimen of harmony of the ceramic decorative elements (indentation stripes surround the windows, built of bricks, whereas a frieze with diamond-shaped ceramic elements runs all around). The interior of the church in the Byzantine period was decorated with frescoes, of which only one, namely Sts. Constantine and Helena, are extant today.
A considerable amount of visitors is gathered every year at the mass which takes place on the second day of Easter. Treats and traditional dances follow the mass.
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